Yanbo from China

About the boy…

My name is Yanbo. My English name is Jerry.

I live in shanghai in China where I was born. This is part of East Asia. In my house I live with my mother and father. They both work here in Shanghai. They were born in the province of Shandong, which means East of the mountains in Chinese. That is far away, north of Shanghai. My parents moved to Shanghai for work after my father graduated from University.

Every weekday I go to school. We live 7 km from school so my father drives me every morning. I arrive at 7:40 in the morning and school starts at 8:00 and ends at 16:30. in the short breaks we drink water and talk. After school we stay to finish homework and have dinner. Then my father picks me and two other children up at 18:40.

My favourite subject in school is English so I can communicate with foreign people.

After school I often play the piano for 30 mins when I get home, then I read and have a bath. And play computer games. My favourite is Yellow People Fast run.

In the week-ends I take extra classes in math and piano.

When it comes to food; My favourite dish is fish and beefsteak. I also like potatoes, white bread and Coca-Cola. I don´t like rice or vegetables.

My favourite animal is a dog because they are so cute. I have a dog, he is so fun. 

I also love tigers because they are strong. I have seen tigers in the zoo.

When it comes to Sports. I do sports and prefer swimming. I swim every week end if possible. There is an indoor pool close to our house so I can bike there. Also like tennis and computer games.

On holidays and in the week ends I also like to bike.

We have four holidays in a year.

First it is Summer holiday, 8 weeks without school. My parents still have to work during summer so my grandparents take turn in looking after me in Shanghai.

Then it is the Spring festival, called the Chinese new year – we have one week off, together as a family. During this period we go to my parents hometown in Shandong province. Here we visit my grandparents and hang out with my aunts and uncle and my cousins.

The third big holiday is the National day, called the Festival period takes place every year in first week of October. – Last year we went o Hawaii – that was fantastic!

And then finally, we also celebrate Christmas, as an international holiday with lots of presents and shopping.

I want to become a scientist when I grow up. I want to invent new things to change our life. I wpuld love to make robots to do everything around us!

(picture of spear head development of robots in China from a recent trade fare, thanks to EPA/ WU HONG)

Yanbos cute dog
Biking in China Week-ends
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