Mikael – Iran

Mikael, میکائیل

My name is Mikael and I am from Eliq in south of Iran. In ancient times and sometimes still Iran is called Persia. Here we talk and write our own language since 700 years. In Persian Mikael is writtenمیکائیل

I live with my mother and father and three older brothers. We live in a small village called Eqlid, near the city of Shiraz in south of Iran, very close to the Persian Gulf in the Middle East. We are settled nomads. That means that before my mum and dad decided to build a house and stay here, my family moved with the seasons. Every spring and every fall we woudl pack all our belongings and move to another place where there was good food for our animals.
In my family we have goats and sheep in the thousands. We still have them but we no longer move with the seasons.

Every weekday I go to school. School starts at 8 in the morning and ends at 12.
My favourite subject in school is maths because you can just do it.
I do not really fancy studies in the Coraan becuse it is so much reading and writing.
In the breaks we usually play football and run around.
One day in school the whole class was gathered in the yard of the school and our teacher asked us all kinds of questions. I could answer all of them and won a price! I am very proud of this and my parents too.

My favourite food is grilled lambs chops with rice. I also like sweets and soda.

After school we play and then we go home. At home we play football and volleyball. I sometimes help my father and the men with the sheep and goats. Mum always say that I need to do my homework, but it is more fun being outdoor with my older brothers.

My favourite book is Shekarestan and it is about traditional Iranian stories, but in a modern way with fancy drawings.

We have many holidays in a year. Some are religious and some are national. The biggest one is unique to us and it is our new yers. We get two weeks off school.

When I grow up I would like to work with agriculture engineering.

Last summer we made a big party. One of my brothers was getting married and we invited all relatives and frindes to celebrate. We were over a thousand people and it lasted for five days! That was crazy! So much to do and so much fun.
My grandmother and her friends made thousands of breads for us to eat and my father and brothers made sure we had all the meat we could eat from our goats and sheep. During the night of the wedding something really strange happened. The golden earrings of the bride went missing! And I found them! I gave them back to the bride and she gave me avery nice gift in return. Everyone admired my honesty when i did this. That was cool.

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