Fabian – Romania


My name is Fabian, born on July 1th 2005, my mother is a Romanian engineer my father an Transilvanian Saxon entrepreneur.
I live in Brasov, an old town in the center of the country surrounded by high mountains.

I learn in the third class in a very old German school here.
Classes are from 8 to 12.45, then some of us go to a nearby after-school where we eat and make our home-lessons until 16.30.
My favorite is subject in school is mathematics, on the opposite site is perhaps music, but I think only because we have to learn lots of songs by heart. This year we started to do team-working. I like it when some of my class mates come to me to make our projects for school, because after wards we can play together, it´s fun.

My greatest passion is chess. I started to play when I was seven. I have won already 13 cups and 7 medals in many zonal and national chess competitions. I go twice a week to the chess club, where I meet two of my best friends, who are almost two years elder. We meet often in our garden to play chess and football. I love more what we call summer sports: Running, swimming, biking and football.

In summer the school holidays last almost three month in Romania. First of all I go for a week to a bike-summer-holiday-camp, we make daily some 15 km bike-tours, go swimming, climbing, cook together some of our meals, play games, enjoy the hot summertime. We like our camp teacher very much, she has very many ideas for a wonderful summer-holiday.
Last summer I was in 4 other summer-camps. One with the after-school class high in the mountain in a hut, than a week in a training- camp with our chess club, a week in a tent-camp with the evangelic church – here it was very rainy, but we ignored the weather. We had to live a week without energy and PC – I must say this was very hard. Than a week in a children town in an old, fortified church, where I was one of the youngest of 150 children, we learned to practice different professions, had our own camp-currency. I was a day long the camp-judge, than the owner of the camp-cinema, managed a travel agency and was a doctor. We learned a lot about different professions, it was very funny and I made some money too, so I could buy plenty of fresh juice and ice, also presents for my parents and my friends. Next summer I will be there again.

In my spare time I love to play chess on my PC with other chess-players from all over the world. Not to mention that I love to be the first. But chess is teaching you to be patient, to avoid to make mistakes, to respect your playing partner (even if you want to beat him up) and to search for new ideas. At Christmas I got a iPad Tab, now I can play all my favorite games too.

I love animals and birds very much. We have two dogs in the garden, and other two in the enterprise of my parents. It´s fun to run and play (mum will say pretty wild) with them. They are very happy and make me very happy too. When I was seven I found a young dove in the garden, the bird could not fly, I took care of it, fed it, trained it flying and with the bird on my shoulder I watched Tom and Jerry, explained him the chess rules I had just started to learn. The dove became healthy and learned to fly. We took it to the countryside where it lives with his new family happy and free.

Before I go to school in wintertime I feed every morning a lot of doves, sparrows and other birds, they come to wish me a good morning and to make sure that I have a good day.

What will I do when I grow up? No idea, perhaps I will be an architect, but we will see. My parents say now I should learn, but have a happy childhood, too.

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