Sebastian – Sweden

About the boy…

My name is Sebastian. I have two sisters, one older and one younger. The older is the nicest person on this planet and the younger always gets in to trouble because of her shenanigans. I live in Älmhult, a small town, in the south of Sweden, North of Europe.

Every weekday I go to school. It´s really close to where we live so we can bike there. School starts at 8.15 and ends at 14.15. After school we go to “fritids”. That is a kind or after-school-before-going-home-place to be. It is really cool. We usually play out in the woods or just hang out and if it rains we can go inside and watch a film or play. Fridays we can play computer games. That is awesome!

My favorite subject in school is math and art and music. I love to paint portraits.

In the breaks we usually talk and chill out. Most of my friends are now 10 years old and they feel too old to play.

The craziest thing I have ever seen is the crayfish party where we eat crayfish and dance all night.

Food. I love food and my favorite dish is seafood. I also like beef and pork. I don´t like neither hotdogs nor butter.

After school it is always homework – everyday. My parents and our babysitter help me when they have the time. When that is done I can play. The best is computer games. Right now my favorite is Minecraft.

If I could wish anything in the whole world it would be peace in the universe, like all of us. What if we could find a way to destroy all weapons so no human could be killed? Peace would be great!

Sports. Well I like sailing and swimming. I tried football and handball and decided it is not really for me. Tennis and Basketball is fun, too.

We have many holidays in a year and each occasion is different; LONG summer break – 8 weeks of sun and sea.

Autumn break – We get 1 week off. We have lees sun and light but a lot of outdoor activities.

Christmas vacation – 2 weeks off. It is a family get together and every second year a trip to the sun.

Spring/sports break – 1 week when we often do downhill skiing in Järvsö.

Easter break – 1 week. Family gets together on the coast.

When I grow up I would like to work with…this is such a difficult question because so much seems fun, but…science or something…it will be.

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